We are the Bloated Orange.

(Not to be confused with the bloated orange.)

The Bloated Orange is the international co-operative endeavor of a writer, artist, and web developer.

Part education, part news aggregation, part satire and part personal fucking opinion, we use elitist mechanisms such as words and images and truth – oh my! – to peacefully protest against the bloated orange, the rise of fascism, and the silent acquiescence of the Republican Party.

Unlike certain “billionaires” who say it’s absolutely impossible to source or manufacture or create any clothing or merchandise in the United States and then proceed to bulk-import cheap goods from overseas for sale in America at massively-inflated prices for record-setting profits while simultaneously crying about “prohibitive” tax rates and regulations and defrauding the public via knowingly-false donation pledges and straight-up tax evasion and money laundering, the Bloated Orange actually donates all profits to charity to:

  1. Avoid profiting from the U.S. Presidency,
  2. Support the domestic/international resistance effort, and
  3. Prove a point. (The point being that it’s not fucking hard.)

We donate all profits to charity.

(Because it's not fucking hard.)

Choose your charity.

When you purchase one of our beautiful, so so beautiful, no one believes how beautiful they are t-shirts or tank-tops, you’ll have the choice of donating all the profits to one of the following organizations: